Why I Left

In this section, former Big 4 employees share feedback on why they left the firm. If you would like to participate, submit your answers to the questions below to how2big4@gmail.com

  • How many years had you been with the firm when you left?
  • What job/industry did you leave for? 
  • What was the primary reason you left? 
  • On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how do you value the experience you gained at the firm?What do you miss most about the firm?
  • Do you regret leaving?
  • Had you stayed, would you have been on the “partner track”?  
  1. The right role fell on my lap – audit manager joined client
  2. Audit manager, pregnant with 2nd child, left for a great opportunity & work/life balance
  3. Second year senior left to find stability in schedule and balance in life
  4. Third year senior left for specific industry (M&A)
  5. Senior Managers left for a great opportunity
  6. 2nd Year Associate left for Technology Company
  7. Senior Associate left for the Wine Industry