How to: 5 Types of Mentors

There are (at least) 5 types of mentors. Each type can play a unique role in your development/growth. Previously, we shared how a mentor is a cheat code for you career (How to: Find a Mentor).  Nothing will accelerate your development, technical knowledge, or network quicker than a mentor. Mentors are your personal board of directors. Just like it is healthy for a company to … Continue reading How to: 5 Types of Mentors

How to: Client Happy Hour

Your manager just scheduled a team/client happy hour for Thursday. Now you have those “high school freshman going to the homecoming dance” feelings. Will they like me? What if I say the wrong things? Note: given that this readership is predominantly CPAs, statistics would say only about 1 in 10 of you went to high school dances Below are 9 Tips for navigating a client … Continue reading How to: Client Happy Hour