Senior Associate Leaves for the Wine Industry

How many years had you been with the firm when you left?

I was with KPMG for 2.5 years, I left when I was a first year senior associate

What job/industry did you leave for? 

I work in the wine industry as a senior cost accountant; my primary job at the company is to account for all of the inventory from tracking the wine making process from grape > bottle to costing finished wine

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What was the primary reason you left? 

The main reason I left KPMG was to have a better work life balance and more interest in the industry I was working in. I wanted to have more flexibility in my schedule to spend time with friends and family and so that I could get a dog. I also was auditing industries that I didn’t have much of a passion for and while I loved the team and client I worked with, I wanted to love the industry I was working with as well. 

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how do you value the experience you gained at the firm?

8 – I gained a lot of valuable experience that is extremely useful and desired by my current company

What do you miss most about the firm?

The people! I worked with awesome people that I’ve kept relationships with after I left the firm. 

Do you regret leaving?

I don’t regret leaving, I could feel myself losing interest in auditing and feeling constricted by the growing list of regulations. I knew it was the right time to leave. Plus, now I work in wine, live in Napa, and have no complaints!

Had you stayed, would you have been on the “partner track”?  

No partner track or me