Prank: Unscheduled Call to Office Leadership

The Goal

Get the intern to call a leader in the office for a “scheduled” touchpoint

 The Set Up

This prank works best because:

  1. Most interns are relatively inexperienced working with Outlook Calendar (or similar applications)
  2. Most interns do not lock their computers when they are away from their desk

For illustration purposes, let’s assume Anthony Smith is the intern on your engagement and Julie Jones in the Office Managing Partner. 

When the intern, Anthony, has stepped away from his desk, schedule a New Appointment on his Outlook Calendar.

Example below:

Put the leader’s, in this case Julie Jones, actual phone number in the Meeting Maker.

Sit back and watch the magic happen. 


  • Do not send/include Julie Jones on the invitation (the intern likely won’t realize he is the only person on the meeting maker). It is more fun if the leader does not know the call is coming.
  • Choose a leader who is generally a good sport.
  • Schedule the appointment sometime in the next couple of hours. Consider changing the Reminder to show 5 minutes prior to the schedule meeting. These will give the intern less time to detect something is suspicious.
  • If possible, have most of the engagement team out of the conference room/work area when the Reminder/Meeting Maker pops up. Giggling is a dead giveaway that something might be up. 

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