Audit manager, pregnant with 2nd child, left for a great opportunity & work/life balance

How many years had you been with the firm when you left?


What job/industry did you leave for? 

CFO of a family owned commercial real estate company

What was the primary reason you left? 

I was pregnant with my 2nd child and needed to find something less stressful and that worked better with my schedule.  I felt incredibly lucky to have the support both upward and downward as I worked through busy season with my first kid.  A lot of nights I would leave at 5pm so I could spend time with my family which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my staff and partner, but it was the 8pm-midnights working from home afterwards that I didn’t want to do anymore.

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the highest) how do you value the experience you gained at the firm?

10 hands down.  I know I wouldn’t be in the position I am today without the experience I gained from working at KPMG. 

What do you miss most about the firm? 

I miss the people the most.  You get to work with some of the smartest and hardest working individuals in the business which you don’t necessarily realize until you get into a different role.  I also know that the lifelong relationships I made with my peers and mentors at KPMG will be an asset for me as I further my career outside on the firm.

Do you regret leaving? 

I left KPMG after my first year of manager.  It was a very tough decision, but ultimately it was the right choice for me.  I have been in my current role for just over 4 years now and still feel like I am learning and contributing to the success of the company while being able to maintain more of the work life balance I was looking for.

Had you stayed, would you have been on the “partner track”?  

Yes, before I left I had 2 female partners tell me that I had a strong path to making partner if I would stay, but when I sat down to weigh the pros and cons I felt that there were too many sacrifices along the way to get there.