To Do: Develop an Owner Mentality

How to: Develop an Owner Mentality

Developing an owner mentality is one of the best ways to accelerate your career/growth. This post share How to: Develop an Owner Mentality.

There is a big difference between an owner and an employee. 

Employees clock in and out. If things don’t go their way, they can easily leave for greener pastures.

Because of this, employees often evade or ignore challenging client issues or team conflict. Similarly, employees may not be fully committed to client care or winning new business.

But owners must own these situations.

Act like an owner, because (hopefully) one day you will be one

Ownership can take on a variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, ownership may look like being a Big 4 partner, an executive with equity, or an entrepreneur.  Developing an owner mentality will provide an incredible education for when this time comes.

Currently, you are like a trapeze artist working with net. In other words, even if you try to act like an owner and fail, the consequences are negligible.  Embrace this reality.

For example, learn early in your career how to pitch new business, have a difficult conversation, navigate a challenging team dynamic, own a technical transaction, etc.

“But I am not paid enough to act like a partner/owner”

Early in my tenure with the Big 4, a mentor gave me perspective-changing advice:

If the Big 4 paid you nothing, it would be too much.

Translation: the value you receive from the Big 4 far outweighs your monetary compensation (salary, bonus, 401K, etc).

A few of you disagree with this sentiment.

But, have a longer view! You are in the growth phase of your career. An ownership mentality is an incredibly transferable skillset.

In conclusion, think big picture, take risks, be an owner. Developing an owner mentality will serve you at the Big 4 and for a long time after.  

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