Team Building: Holiday Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but busy season is just around the corner. Below are some holiday season tips/activities to have your team fully bonded heading into the new year. 

Engagement team Christmas card

Take a picture of your engagement team. Bonus points for coordinating outfits.

Christmas cards are cheap and easy to print. Send them far and wide.

  • Other engagement team’s – this could start a fun office tradition
  • Team members’ moms – the three things mom’s love most are 1. Receiving Christmas cards, 2. Having their children be part of a supportive team, and 3. Receiving a Christmas card depicting their child being part of a supportive team. 
  • The office ops team – this group is often left out/overlooked in office functions. Having your engagement team include them would go a long way

Volunteer as a team

After singing loudly for all to hear, the second-best way to spread Christmas cheer is to help others during the holiday season. 

As a team, find a food pantry, homeless shelter, underserved school, etc to serve.  Most Big 4 offices already have connections in the community. 

Volunteering together provides a different environment for team members to get to know each other. The events are ripe for memories to be made. 

Make it personal

Firm-funded team events are awesome. Who doesn’t love free food, booze and/or entertainment?

But, often the most meaningful team activities are ones where a team member makes a personal sacrifice of time, money and/or energy for the team.

For instance, a home cooked team dinner at Suzy’s house will almost always trump a firm-funded lunch at some trendy new restaurant.

A personalized, thank-you card goes a long way toward making team members feel appreciated.

During one particularly crazy busy season, my good friend, Maggie, would have her mom bring in delicious homemade lasagna for the engagement team. It was awesome.

Have the team over to your house/apartment for a holiday happy hour or meal. You don’t have to be impressive. Your hospitality is enough. 

Merry Christmas!

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