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Prank: XXL Pizza Order

The Goal

The goal of this Big 4 prank is to have an intern/newer associate navigate the logistical challenges of unexpectantly picking up an oversized pizza

The Set Up

Crown Center is an area of Kansas City that has office space, shopping, and restaurants in one walkable location. A client was based in Crown Center and was less than a mile from D’Bronx Pizza. Our engagement team would often order sandwiches from D’Bronx and have a junior member of the engagement team pick up the food.

The day of the prank

A member of the engagement team, with the intern within earshot, appeared to call in a sandwich order to D’Bronx. Note: this call to D’Bronx was not actual made.

Simultaneously, another member of the team was in a conference room around the corner placing an actual order with D’Bronx. The actual order was not for sandwiches. Instead, the team ordered a “Party” sized pizza. 

A half hour later, the kind/generous intern arrived at D’Bronx to pick up what he thought was a sandwich order. Instead, he was greeted to a 3ft X 3ft pizza box filled with a “Party” sized pizza.

Now the fun starts.

I should mention that while D’Bronx makes delicious pizza, their pizza boxes are not the sturdiest. This reality meant the intern had to carry pizza above his head, so he could rest the bottom of the box on his head to keep the pizza from falling out.

This is how the intern carried the pizza back to the client’s location. A ¾ mile journey that includes crossing a high-traffic courtyard and riding both an escalator and an elevator.

Thanks Dylan!

Note: while the location and restaurant are specific to Kansas City (God’s Country), this Big 4 prank can be adapted for a variety of locations and food applications.

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