Prank: Wacky T-Shirt Wednesday

The goal

To get an intern/newer associate to wear a wacky t-shirt to work.

The set up

An email is sent out to the engagement team.

Team –

As some of you know, Jane Doe [CFO or Controller at the client] has a really big heart for pet adoption. To support this cause, Client ABC Corp is hosting “Wacky T-shirt Wednesday” tomorrow, where we are encouraged to wear a wacky t-shirt and each donate $5 to the cause. 

Personally, I think it is a little cheesy, but will have a tied dyed shirt on tomorrow to support the cause.  I would encourage each of you to consider doing something similar.

The “sponsor” at the client and the related cause can be tailored as you see fit. Note: We recommend staying away from actual causes that have impacted the client sponsor.

It is important to wait until Tuesday afternoon to send the email. This gives the intern/newer associate less time to ask questions/interact with the client and learn that WTW is a sham.

Cherry on top:

Have someone from the client stop by the audit room and reinforce Wacky T-shirt Wednesday.  

Are you all participating in WTW tomorrow? It really means a lot to Jane.”

Below are pictures from former WTW.

Were you successful in pulling off WTW? Tweet (@big4howto) or email ( your photo and we will add to this post.

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