How to: Write a Big 4 Resume

Landing a job with the Big 4 can be challenging. Don’t let your resume get in your way. Learn how to write a Big 4 resume.

Below are resume tips that will help set your Big 4 resume apart.


1. Clearly articulate your accounting timeline:

  • Date of 150 credit hours (or CPA eligibility) will be achieved
  • Date(s) of internship availability (i.e. Spring 2025 & Summer 2025)

2. Google “resume power words” then use them throughout your resume. These verbs lend credibility to your experience/activities.

3. If something takes considerable time each week, make sure your resume reflects it. Include the hours/week (i.e. led volunteer training at the XYZ animal shelter -10 hrs/wk)

4. Be (or become) involved

Problem: I don’t have extracurriculars to put on a resume

Short-term solution: Sign up to be involved in a group today and volunteer to help co-chair the next event/meeting.

Long-term solution: Plan ahead. Find something that interests you and dive in. Take a leadership role.

5. Unless you won a Nobel Peace Prize or cured cancer, leave off your high school achievements/extracurriculars. Don’t worry, your mom is still very proud of your JV soccer career.


1. Zero resume typos – typos are a quick way to lose credibility. Have multiple people review your resume. Double, triple, quadruple check for typos before submitting a resume.

2. Use the same tense throughout your resume. Note: if you don’t know what that “use the same tense” means – find a friend who does and have them review your resume

3. Consistently apply formatting – a great tool for this is the “Format Painter” in on the Home tab in Microsoft Word (see icon below)


4. Convert your resume to a PDF to make it appear more professional.

In Microsoft Word select File -> Print, then select Printer and scroll to Microsoft Print to PDF

In conclusion, follow these Big 4 resume tips and you may be moving on to How to: Interview to Get the Job

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