How to: Set Meaningful Goals

It is that time of year again. The firm’s goal setting process. This post will help you set meaningful goals for the year ahead.

Most of the time goal setting is a check-the-box exercise that is low on thought and intentionality. Don’t fall into this trap! Take goal setting seriously.

Said another way – “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

Instead, be the driver of your own career.

A mentor once gave me great advice:

No one at the firm cares about your career or development as much as you do.

Don’t wait on the sidelines for someone else to direct your career. Set meaningful goals.


If something is dorky, but continues to be popular, there must be something to it

Examples: crossword puzzles, Christmas music, parenthood, Toyota Camry’s

Nothing is dorkier (or more ubiquitous) in the goal setting process than the acronym: SMART

This acronym is good.  Honestly, it is difficult to identify one of the letters as a weak link.  They are all good.

Force yourself to write goals that hit all five letters.

Moreover, share a draft of your goals with your mentors. Ask for feedback and advice.

In conclusion, take the goal setting process seriously. Set meaningful goals and make them SMART.

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