How to: Interview to Get the Job

Congratulations! You landed an interview with the Big 4. Below are tips that will help you interview to get the job!

1. Refresh your resume

Review your resume with a fine tooth comb (see How to: Write a Big 4 Resume).

In addition, update your resume for new involvements, accolades, and information.

2. Dress code

  • Err on the side of more formal
  • Be professional, not hip.
  • If the firm specifically states a dress code, follow it specifically (i.e. if it says business casual, don’t wear a tie)
  • Read How to: Dress OK (for men)

3. Be prepared to ask the interviewer questions

Above all, people love being asked advice.

  • Why did you choose this firm? This city?
  • How did you grow your first few years at the firm?
  • What sets your firm apart in terms of people/community involvement/etc

4. Weakness to Strength

Inevitably the question will arise “what is one of your weaknesses?”

  • Be prepared! Practice your response.
  • Figure out how to turn the weakness to a strength

5. Location matters

The interviewer usually has a much higher vested interest in their specific office, then recruiting broadly to their firm.  They want to hire a person who will help their office for multiple years. Highlights reasons you will stick around!

Avoid: I applied to Minneapolis because of xyz, but I am very interested in transferring to NYC, Denver, Honolulu, and LA

6. Exemplify core Big 4 skills

Most importantly, success in the Big 4 can typically be boiled down to: team work, hard work, time management, and problem solving

Most interviewers are looking for individuals who excel at these core Big 4 attributes. Hone personal examples that demonstrate your ability to succeed in these areas.

7. Send a thank-you note

Don’t delay. Have a thank-you note in the mail the same day as the interview. Consider writing a thank-you card in the front lobby and giving to the receptionist before leaving the building.

In conclusion, follow these tips to interview to get the job. Remember once you have landed a gig with the Big 4!

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