How to: Hack Goal Setting

Hack the goal setting process.

No on at the firm cares about your career or development as much as you do. 

For example, the firm’s goal setting process is set up for you to achieve their goals for your life. Instead, piggyback off the firm’s goal setting/evaluation timeline to set personal goals that run parallel to the firm’s goals for you.

In this same vein, consider places where the firm’s goals for you don’t match your personal goals. Try to minimize the amount of time/effort spent on activities that are not aligned with the your strategic growth. As you work through this dynamic, consider How to: Build Transferable Skills.

Be the driver of your own development. 

Goal Setting Ideas (make these SMART):

  • Meet with __________ (insert mentor name) at least every two months
  • Lead ________ at the firm
    • For instance, United Way campaign, an affinity group, instruct training, recruiting events at your alma mater
  • Develop a soft skill (e.g. communication, writing proficiency, networking, project management)
  • Read (or listen on Audible at 2x speed) six books

Another way to hack goal setting is by making personal goals.

For instance, what would a SMART goal in each of these areas grow you in the next 12 months?

  • Family / friendship
  • Exercise / health
  • Faith / community

In conclusion, take the reigns in the direction and development of your career/life. Hack the goal setting process to make it your own.

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