How to: Ask Developmental Questions

It can be difficult to ask developmental questions.

As a result, Big 4 firms continually get feedback from employees that they want more development/feedback.

Below are a series of developmental questions geared toward strategically guiding a conversation. You can ask a mentee/counselee or have your mentor/coach ask you these questions.

Note: The categories below come from How to: Develop Your Career

Do your job

  • What are you proud of accomplishing in your current job?
  • Do you have what you need to do your best work?

Take on more

  • What are your knowledge or skill gaps?
  • Are there parts of our business you are curious about?

Excel in customer service

  • What relationships are you developing outside of your team/function?
  • Who at the client sees you as a go-to for questions?

Be a great mentor (and find a great mentor)

  • How are you developing your team?
  • Do you have a formal or informal mentor at the firm?


  • Are there other positions/engagements/roles in the firm you are interested in?
  • What can I do to help you progress in your career?

In conclusion, don’t let your development wait on the firm’s programs (they do not have a magical development wand). Instead, take ownership. Seek out meaningful conversations.

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