How To: Pass the CPA Exam Before Your Start Date (Guest Post)

Beginning your Big 4 career is a huge accomplishment, but comes with new challenges. My advice: Pass the CPA exam before your start date. This will be a major life saver when you delve into the world that is adulthood. The transition from student to full-time employee tends to be a very difficult transition as it requires a new kind of energy to make it … Continue reading How To: Pass the CPA Exam Before Your Start Date (Guest Post)

How to: Kickstart Your Personal Finances

People are more willing to talk about politics, religion, or their sex life than their personal finances. In a survey of 1,202 American adults conducted by The Capital Group, survey participants ranked financial topics such as household earnings, retirement savings, debt and inheritances as the most taboo topics of discussion. This leaves most of us feeling under-prepared and intimidated by personal finances. Below are some … Continue reading How to: Kickstart Your Personal Finances

To Do: Develop an Owner Mentality

How to: Develop an Owner Mentality

Developing an owner mentality is one of the best ways to accelerate your career/growth. This post share How to: Develop an Owner Mentality. There is a big difference between an owner and an employee.  Employees clock in and out. If things don’t go their way, they can easily leave for greener pastures. Because of this, employees often evade or ignore challenging client issues or team … Continue reading How to: Develop an Owner Mentality

How to: Survive Busy Season

One of my favorite books, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, describes a particularly bad environment as “always winter, but never Christmas”. This is a great way to describe busy season.  Busy season is tough. It feels endless. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting. Below are some tips to help your team not just survive, but thrive during busy season. Picture Caption Contest … Continue reading How to: Survive Busy Season

How to: 5 Types of Mentors

There are (at least) 5 types of mentors. Each type can play a unique role in your development/growth. Previously, we shared how a mentor is a cheat code for you career (How to: Find a Mentor).  Nothing will accelerate your development, technical knowledge, or network quicker than a mentor. Mentors are your personal board of directors. Just like it is healthy for a company to … Continue reading How to: 5 Types of Mentors

Team Building: Holiday Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but busy season is just around the corner. Below are some holiday season tips/activities to have your team fully bonded heading into the new year.  Engagement team Christmas card Take a picture of your engagement team. Bonus points for coordinating outfits. Christmas cards are cheap and easy to print. Send them far and wide. Other engagement team’s … Continue reading Team Building: Holiday Edition